"Lost History delivers a missing link to the
story of an interconnected world: the
achievements of Muslim civilization and its
influence on East and West."
Jimmy Carter

"This book, with its aim of telling an often
untold story, is a welcome addition to the
literature about Islam's cultural and
intellectual history as well as its relationship
with the West."
King Abdullah II of Jordan

"Michael Morgan gives us a gift by restoring
a history that has been lost for too long.
should be read by every person who
suspects that there is more to the story than
the tired cliches of a 'clash of civilizations.' "
Edward L. Widmer, John Carter Brown

Lost History is an anti–text to the literature
of inevitable decline and titanic clash, a
robustly researched work of popular history
… interpretively venturesome and
felicitously written panorama of Islamic
thought and science.”
David Levering Lewis,  two–time Pulitzer
Prize winner for his biographies of W.E.B.
DuBois. Lewis’ most recent book is God's
Crucible: Islam and the Making of Europe,
570–1215 (2008).

"One of the best five books of the last 10
Terry England, The New Mexican

“Morgan laments the mass ignorance of the
astonishing impact of Islam on the Western
Lost History goes a long way towards
correcting these misconceptions.”
Kirkus Reviews

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